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The Darkness Cannot Be Patented

The Darkness Within
Cannot Be Patented

Cannot be copyrighted
Or duly knighted
The Daemon that leers
Over my shoulder
You cannot have me
I have had you
To your very soul
And found butterflies
In the fluttering
Light over water
Rolling sparkles
Diamond light waves
Destiny dissipated
No longer hated
Conscience abated
Reality simulated
I don’t love you anymore
A lie I’ll never tell
Only devils speak in absolutes
Surrender is a battle
I win
I won
I lost
I yielded my thighs
I opened my eyes
And gone
Birth to life
I remember, surrender
Before the battle begins
The greatest courage is the courage to love
Hate comes easy
Like battery acid over steak
Sizzles your brains
No remains
Everyone dies
Or not?
It’s not a spectator sport
Don’t make your children cry
Numbin’ us down
And dumbin’ us down since birth
What’s it worth?