One Light

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Great Ancient Mother

With your deep canyons

And hidden colors


I Am IIluminated




Still elated

You and I




Till it rises

Like a Fukushima Wave

In paradise

Full throttle romance

Till you hollar

The Truth Becomes The Light

Of Endless Tomorrows

“The Sun Also Rises”

Till it doesn’t

And still surprises are in store

My smile is not my smile

Passing on my way

Given me by the light of day

Love Surprises My Broken Heart

Love Surprises My Broken Heart

Implosion neutralizing tears

Courses of rivers and years

Flow down my face

Love’s forever embrace

Disappearing good byes with lingering traces

Like bread crumbs on the trail

I’ll follow you home

Like the forest mist

The doors will open

For my kiss

Life is raucous fun

Do not die

Afraid to be born

Even through the darkness

Crowning in the light

Come unto me

To disappear into the sea

Me becomes I

And I become the sea

Nameless friend

Name yourself

Are these your words

I pulled from the recesses of you

Whose caverns are pathways

Through my heart

I knew you once

I will know you again

And again

A sweet, cool drink of water at the end

I Am

As I always will be
A mix of you
A blend of me
A mix of he
A mix of she
A mix of light
A mix of dark
A mix of love
A mix of hate
A mix of now
A mix of forever
A mix of life
A mix of death
A mix of compassion
A mix of emptiness

Elephants Die

Elephants Die

And whales dream of song

And endless sea

We don’t need a prophesy to see

It ain’t just about you

It ain’t just about time to open up our hearts

To love and be free

Trust that we are real

La Vida es un sueno, you see

Otra vez, the true power is arrested

And taken to the Tower

When the fear of killing sets in on the killing fields

It all begins again

Daedalus rises

Venus’ eye lights the morning sky

Come join me in the hot spring

Become formless

Become water

And breathe our breath as one

We are here to remind each other

Not to be afraid

Reach for your wings and fly

Do not fear, Archangel Michael

I gently brush the tears from your eyes

Yes, you then fly

Wings across the sky

Squeaky clean

The butterfly springs from the chrysalis

Wings unfurl

In the brightness of day

Black holes swirl

Spinning galaxies in and out

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

A single breath

Over the sea

The butterfly wings twirl

The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters

We Are The Sisters

The Pointer Sisters

Tell you where to sing

Gotta Stay Solid

You gotta stay square

You gotta know what you want to accomplish

Or, you won’t get anywhere

Sometimes it’s just a pointer

A sense of direction

The Pleiades and The North Star

Anubis by your side

An inner guide

Taking strides across the skies

Time glides and writhes

The journey never ends

The Hero never dies

Until it’s time

My Toenails Are Painted Blue

The Wheel of Fortune turns
The Son of Flutes is listening
The judgement card is played
To the cacaphony of crows
Spurious flights in formation
Play in my yard, I dance
When I am not afraid
A burst of joy, shiny black
Rainbow sheen on my wings
My Dancing Queen sings
My toenails are painted blue
Something I don’t often do
Sometimes my lips are stained red
And I’m wide awake in the dead of night
The nails on my fingers are too soft for claws
I surrendered my talons for my aspirations
Without artifice
Tell no lie
Impossible to deny
The Blackbird’s cry
Unfettered by fear
Caw and call me from my tears


The Darkness Cannot Be Patented

The Darkness Within
Cannot Be Patented

Cannot be copyrighted
Or duly knighted
The Daemon that leers
Over my shoulder
You cannot have me
I have had you
To your very soul
And found butterflies
In the fluttering
Light over water
Rolling sparkles
Diamond light waves
Destiny dissipated
No longer hated
Conscience abated
Reality simulated
I don’t love you anymore
A lie I’ll never tell
Only devils speak in absolutes
Surrender is a battle
I win
I won
I lost
I yielded my thighs
I opened my eyes
And gone
Birth to life
I remember, surrender
Before the battle begins
The greatest courage is the courage to love
Hate comes easy
Like battery acid over steak
Sizzles your brains
No remains
Everyone dies
Or not?
It’s not a spectator sport
Don’t make your children cry
Numbin’ us down
And dumbin’ us down since birth
What’s it worth?



Pray we never say
Gone are the days
When Americans would sing
And dance and play in the streets
In the sunshine or the rain
Or a fire hydrant in Brooklyn
Or across the desert plains
Pray we never say
Remember the day
There was hope for tomorrow