One Light

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Elephants Die

Elephants Die

And whales dream of song

And endless sea

We don’t need a prophesy to see

It ain’t just about you

It ain’t just about time to open up our hearts

To love and be free

Trust that we are real

La Vida es un sueno, you see

Otra vez, the true power is arrested

And taken to the Tower

When the fear of killing sets in on the killing fields

It all begins again

Daedalus rises

Venus’ eye lights the morning sky

Come join me in the hot spring

Become formless

Become water

And breathe our breath as one

We are here to remind each other

Not to be afraid

Reach for your wings and fly

Do not fear, Archangel Michael

I gently brush the tears from your eyes

Yes, you then fly

Wings across the sky

Squeaky clean

The butterfly springs from the chrysalis

Wings unfurl

In the brightness of day

Black holes swirl

Spinning galaxies in and out

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

A single breath

Over the sea

The butterfly wings twirl